• Kaju Rauniyar

Amazon forest

Top 5 things we should know about amazon forest

1.The name amazon comes from the Greek mythology of (amazons).which means the race of woman warriors.

2.Area more than 10% of the world's animal species are found in amazon . Not only this,more than 200species of animal birds are found here.and 40,000 species of plants and 25lakh insects species are found here .

3. This is about half of the total rain forest of the world and this forest found in tropical regions have the highest biodiversity.

4. The amazon river is named after this rain forest it passes through the middle of the rain ,it is also called oxygen of and it's length is about 64kilo mete

5.rea of the Amazon rain forest is approximately 2100000square and the 60% part in Brazil and 13%is in Peru and other remaining part is in the other countries like (Colombia , venezuela , Suriname ,Bolivia and French guiena).

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