How to change email id or mobile no on income tax website

Most of you might be registered on income tax department website for e-filing. In the meanwhile your details might have changed.  And you might be looking to update the same on the website but don’t how to do it.  At All India ITR we are always ready to help taxpayers with their file income tax return queries, whether they are big or small.  And her here we help you learn how to change your detail on income tax department’s website.

Now that the season to file income tax returns is upon us, taxpayers should be aware of how to change their personal details on the income tax filing website. This is important because all information about your IT filing/returns (such as Income Tax Demand Notices, cheque refund communication etc.) is sent to the e-mail ID you have registered on the website. Important alerts regarding Income Tax filing is sent to you on your registered mobile number.

The e-filing portal holds the following taxpayer details:

1. Mobile number

2. Email ID

The following steps can be used to register your detail on the income tax website for the first time:

1. Go to the Income Tax department website.

2. Click on the Login button

3. Enter your user ID (i.e. your PAN Number) and password.

4. You are now logged in.

5. If you are registering your details on the e-filing portal for the first time, you need to provide your e-mail ID and mobile number.

6. Next, an activation link will be sent to the specified email ID and a PIN/OTP will be sent to the specified mobile number.

7. Then, access your email ID and click on the activation link sent to you. The OTP received on your mobile should be entered to successfully complete the activation process on the e-filing portal.

If you are already registered on the e-filing website, use the following steps to change your details:

1. Go to the I-T website.

2. Click on the Login button

3. Enter your user ID (i.e. your PAN Number) and password.

4. You are now logged into your e-filing account.

5. Click on My Profile (Here, you should be able to see your contact details)

6. Next, select Contact Details

7. Then, select Edit

8. Update your current email id and mobile number.

9. Once the changes have been made, two OTP/PINs will be sent to your new email ID and/ or mobile number.

10. Both the PINs/OTPs are needed to authenticate the new email id/number. The Pins/OTPs received are valid for 24 hours.

11. In case you do not receive the PINs/OTPs, click on the resend button.

12. Next, click Confirm. You shall receive an email from the IT department once your details have been updated.

It is advised that the validation process be completed within 24hours. If the same is not done within 24 hours, the taxpayer has to login and repeat the aforementioned process and get new PINs/OTPs. Furthermore, note that these changes are only made to your details on the I-T website and not to your PAN card details.

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